Technology Services

Technology Services

Business Internet Banking

Access accounts, make transactions and download summary and detailed reports from any PC with an Internet connection. To log-in or see a demo for Business Internet Banking, click here.

  • Quick balance review and account details.
  • Funds transfers and wire transfers.
  • Bill payments.
  • Stop payment requests.
  • ACH collections and payments.
  • View details of cleared checks.
  • Transfer money.
  • Assign different levels of authorization.
  • After hours, toll-free help line.

CD-ROM Statements

An easy-to-use CD ROM, delivered monthly, provides businesses with:

  • Check images, front and back.
  • Statement pages.
  • Deposits.
  • Items listed in deposits.
  • Quick retrieval/research for checks.

Account Reconciliation

Download a file each month to view checks that have cleared.

  • Automates and simplifies balancing procedures.
  • Provides information in sequential order.

Positive Pay

Helps protect businesses against check fraud. A file is sent daily from the business with a record of each check written. The file is then verified against checks presented for payment. Irregularities in the report are handled by phone. Checks are paid or returned according to the business's instructions.

Merchant Credit Card Services

Allows business customers to accept and process transactions from all major cards.

Deposits are made automatically into the business account. Processing rates are calculated according to the average ticket amount, annual volume and how transactions are processed.