Personal Fee Schedule

Miscellaneous Fees - Personal Fee Schedule
Service Description Amount
Balancing Customer’s Checkbook No fee on current statement
Add'l statement $20.00 per hour
Canadian Check Clearings $10.00 each
Canadian Check Returns $15.00 each
Cashier's Checks Customers: $5.00 each
Others: $20.00 each
Check and Deposit Ticket Orders Vary according to style ordered.
Current Statements No fee on current statements. See Research Fees for additional statements.
Deficit Funds Transfer $10.00 per transfer – limit of 3 transfers per month from a savings account.
Direct Collection of Cash Items $15.00 per incoming or outgoing item.
Dormancy Fees Checking: Six months of no activity with a balance of less than $200.00: $8.00/month
Savings: One year of no activity with a balance of less than $200.00: $8.00/month
ATM card/Visa debit card No fee for original card.
$5.00 fee for replacement cards.
No fee for transaction at First Farmers ATMs.
$2.00 per transaction at all other ATMs.
Fax Transmission $5.00 first page; $2.00 per additional page, incoming or outgoing.
Foreign Currency Priced upon request
Foreign Draft Orders $50.00
Foreign Travelers Cheques $20.00 Handling Fee
Garnishments and Levies $65.00 each
Imaged Check Copies No fee for copies up to 90 days. After 90 days, see Research Fees. Free check copies are available with Free Checking accounts. The President’s Club account offers free online check images. See individual account Web pages for more details.
IRA Termination Fee Before age 59 1/2: $25.00
International Wire Transfers Prices vary; bank customers only.
Overdraft Fees $29.75 per non-sufficient funds (NSF) item paid.
$5.00 per day beginning on the second day for overdrawn account balance.
Research $20.00 per hour and $2.00 per copy.
Return Item Fee $29.75 per non-sufficient funds (NSF) item returned.
Returned Deposit Item Fee $5.00
Safe Deposit Box Rental $12.00 - $75.00 per year based on size of box.
Stop Payment All items: $29.75 charge.
Wire Transfers $20.00 for outgoing and $10.00 for incoming; bank customers only.